Gadgets That Will Get You Into The Best Shape Of Your Life

Published on 11/04/2020
Gadgets That Will Get You Into The Best Shape Of Your Life

Gadgets That Will Get You Into The Best Shape Of Your Life

In today’s day and age, it seems like technology has solved almost all our little everyday problems. Well, for all those people out there who love everything fitness-related, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories to help them reach all their goals. Aside from keeping them on track, these gadgets can make workouts more fun and enjoyable. Still, there are so many options to choose from, it can become overwhelming. We decided to find out which gadgets are the best fitness gadgets in the game. And no, we aren’t only talking about smartwatches.

Ozmo Active Smart Cup Hydration Tracker

One of the most overlooked aspects of fitness and health is staying hydrated. With Ozmo’s Active Smart Cup, you’ll be able to fill up whenever you need to. The BPA-free, leak-proof water bottle tracks your hydration levels and comes with an interactive app that has a built-in vibration alert system. In fact, you can even sync it to your Fitbit or Apple Health for more personalization.

Tangram Smart Rope

Who knew a smart jump rope was a thing? Well, jumping rope is one of the best cardio workouts you can do and the Tangram Smart Rope will help step up your game. While skipping rope, this rope will display stats mid-air with LED lights. It’s able to store 100 sets of fitness data at a time so you can keep track of your progress.

UpRight Go Posture Trainer

Having a strong, healthy posture is something many of us overlook or simply forget about in our day-to-day routines. This gadget is specifically made to help you improve and strengthen your posture. It provides real-time posture feedback through its app, allowing you to strengthen your core muscles. Also, it comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee which is the cherry on top!

Skulpt Performance Training System

This gadget allows you to measure your overall body fat percentage at any given time. It will analyze which of your muscle groups needs more attention to achieve peak performance. The system can identify the relative strength of 24 muscle groups in different areas of the body so you can personalize all your workouts.

iFit Sleep HR

Sleep is one of the key points of getting in shape and keeping to a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough sleep is crucial for working out well. This gadget is made to track the quality of your sleep by monitoring your heart rate, respiratory rate, and nightly sleeping patterns. It also has a ‘FreshWake’ smart alarm system to wake you up at the ideal part of your sleep cycle.

NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender

In order to help give you an energy boost and still manage your weight, this smart blender gives you the exact nutritional value of any smoothie you make in it. This includes calories, fat, protein, and sugar. You get to choose from hundreds of healthy smoothie recipes created by top nutritionists and dietitians on the accompanying app.

iHealth Core Smart Scale

This scale is a medical-grade that is able to track nine different facets of your body, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your weight. The scale determines your BMI, lean mass, daily calorie intake, and bone mass. All this information will help guide your health in the right direction by making adjustments to your lifestyle and habits.