Check Out These Amazing Pizza Facts!

Published on 04/03/2023

What is the national dish of America? Pizza may certainly be the first thing that came to mind if you’re like most people. One of the few foods that practically everyone enjoys is pizza. It’s a food with several uses. It can be modified to accommodate various preferences and tastes. By adding lots of vegetables, you can make it healthy, or you can add lots of cheese to make it treat-like. Pizza is undoubtedly one of those comfort foods that everyone enjoys, whatever you like to eat it. How much do you truly understand about pizza, though? In honor of the most popular comfort food in the world, we have compiled some incredible facts on pizza Check them out.

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Check Out These Amazing Pizza Facts!


350 Slices of Pizza Are Consumed Every Second In The U.S.

A list of intriguing pizza facts would be incomplete without noting how popular pizza is in America. Every second, 350 slices of pizza are consumed in America. That comes equal to 21,000 slices of pizza per minute, or over 100 acres of pizza per day. That much pizza is a lot.

93% of Americans Order Pizza Once A Month

Pizza is much more than just the nation’s favorite savory dish. It has established itself as a dietary staple. At least once a month, more than 93% of Americans place a pizza order. It is hence a significant component of the American diet. And undoubtedly the most delectable component of their diet.

Pepperoni Is The Best!

Check out these interesting facts about pepperoni pizza. The most popular pizza topping is pepperoni. The US consumes over 251.7 million pounds of this tasty meaty topping each year on pizza. Around the US, pepperoni is a topping on more than 36% of the pizzas that customers order. It is simple to understand why so many people adore it due to its excellent, somewhat smokey and spicy flavor.

Pizza Consumption is Larger During Game Days

Pizza will probably be the food of choice for many sports fans during the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals. Every year during the Super Bowl, Pizza Hut sells over 2 million pizzas. Along with being delicious, it’s also simple to share with friends and family while you play the game. Grab a piece and enjoy it with a nice beer or other beverage of your preference. Nothing could make life any better.

Pizza Started Off As An Easy, Affordable Meal For Low-Income Families

Although it is now a favorite around the world, pizza first appeared in Naples as a last-resort option for poor families. In the past, low-income individuals who were attempting to save money were the only ones who could afford pizza, despite the fact that today people from all social groups like it. It was a quick and affordable supper. Families would prepare the dough and add cheese and tomatoes to the top. Researchers claim that throughout this time, people believed tomatoes to be harmful. Pizza was therefore only served to low-income families.

Pizza In The U.S. Began In New York

Pizza in New York City is well known. It is so popular that a type of pizza bears its name. In actuality, Big Mario’s Pizza’s creator, Mario, picked up his skills in New York City’s pizzerias. It is not surprise that New York is known for its pizza. Lombardi’s, the very first pizzeria in the Country, was located there. In the early 1900s, this pizzeria was a grocery store before it started selling pizza. This caused a citywide surge in the number of pizzerias.

Pizza Popularity Post-World War II

Pizza was widely offered in the US as early as the 1900s, but it wasn’t until World War II that it gained popularity. This was probably brought on by the massive contingent of US troops stationed in Italy. These soldiers developed a taste for pizza and, after returning home, had a positive influence on the public.

Most Expensive Pizza

Italian Master Chef Renato Viola invented the most costly pizza in the world. The lobster, three different varieties of caviar, buffalo mozzarella, pink Australian salt, and squilla mantis are the toppings on the Louis XIII, which costs nearly $12,000.

Largest Pizza

The biggest pizza in the world is called Ottavia. It was produced in Rome, Italy, and was advertised as being completely gluten-free. The pizza was created to raise awareness about choosing wholesome foods.