Fun Facts About Italy You Haven’t Heard Of

Published on 03/24/2021

The shoe-shaped country in Southern Europe is rightly famous for pizza, pasta, pavarotti, the Pope and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but there are many other, less well-known (but no less interesting) aspects in Italy. Here are some crazy facts about this wonderful country – some that you will find quite surprising …

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Fun Facts About Italy You Haven’t Heard Of

No Singing Or Dancing In The Streets Of Rome

In the capital Rome, dancing and singing in groups of more than three people are not allowed and can be punished with fines of more than €500! Apparently, there are more suitable places to dance and sing without disturbing everyone else in town. You have been warned!

The Smallest City In The World

Did you know that Vatican City in Rome is the smallest country in the world? Officially an “ecclesiastical” or “priestly-monarchical” state, the Vatican is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, ruled by the Pope – with the highest clergy officials of all kinds of national origin.

Don’t Die In Falciano Del Massico

The cemetery in this small town is so full that the city does not allow residents to die there. Attempts have been made to expand the cemetery into the countryside, but the neighboring town has caused major problems in this regard. The court will decide the outcome of this dispute – until then, people have been told not to die.

A Rich Fountain

The Trevi Fountain, one of the most famous in the world, represents the god Oceanus. As in the rest of the world, it is also a custom here to throw coins into it and make a wish. Hundreds of people come to the fountain every day and keep the tradition alive – every day the fountain “earns” around € 3,500 – all of this is used to help the homeless and poor in the city with food.

Country Of Caffeine Addicts

Did you know that an impressive 14 billion espressos are consumed in Italy every year? If you are a fan of the ever-popular “black gold”, you’ve come to the right place. And the locals themselves … they use more than 3.7 kg of coffee per head!

No Men In Skirts

Men in skirts are a “no go” in Italy. The official authorities see this as an “act of provocation”. This is quite strange given that Italy has a large contingent of Scottish immigrants … obviously, they don’t wear their kilts too often!

Pasta Fact

The Italians didn’t invent pasta! It was cultivated by the Arabs in Italy in the thirteenth century and eaten with honey and sugar. The tomato sauce wasn’t added until around 450 years later. Incredibly, there are more than 500 different types of pasta and are enjoyed today in Italy in every region, city, or village.

Wear Red On New Year’s Eve

Every patriotic Italian wears red underwear on New Years Eve. Why? For the best of luck, of course! This ancient tradition was once practiced by the younger generation, but today everyone is involved.