10 Fun Facts About Christmas That Will Get You In The Holiday Mood

Published on 11/15/2021

Everyone loves the holiday period, irrespective of Christmas. It is quite frankly a jolly time for everyone; a period of Chanukah, Christmas, joy, spirit, happiness and togetherness. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching children run downstairs on Christmas morning to the tree to open their gifts. The fireplace is alight, music is on, Santa’s cookies are gone (Who ate them?). Not to mention the fantastic holiday-themed movies, the period only comes around once a year and we eagerly wait in anticipation! So how can we get you in the mood for this year’s upcoming Christmas? Fun facts that you may or may not have known about Christmas! Take a look below and see what you did/didn’t know!

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Shutterstock 508018393


What is Christmas All About?

So what is Christmas, why do we celebrate it? Is it just an excuse to buy and gift each other presents? No, actually. Christmas is the time of year that we celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday!

What is The Origin Of The Christmas Tree?

Did you know that Christmas trees have origins back to ancient Egypt and Rome? They were partial to using evergreen trees like fir or pine, wreaths and garlands. In modern day, the use of Christmas trees began in 16th Century Germany- but not for decorations like today (baubles etc), but fruit and nuts!

Is Xmas Different To Christmas?

The term, ‘Xmas’, was first used in the 16th century. The X comes from ancient Greek language. Essentially, Christ, when written in Greek, begins with an X! This is why we often see the word Christmas shortened to Xmas.

Was Santa Claus always called Santa Claus?

No, actually! The character of Santa Claus is based on St. Nicholas, a Christian bishop who provided for the poverty-stricken and in-need. He loved kids, and enjoyed handing them presents in secret. The story spread and he was initially known as Sinterklaas in Dutch!

Santa Wasn’t Always Dressed in Red!

Initially, Santa was dressed in clothe that were either green, purple or blue! It was Coca-Cola that chose to dress him in red, to match the colors of their brand! The color stuck and now everyone associates Santa with the color red!

The Origin of Gifts

It is said in legend that when baby Jesus was born, a brighter star shone in the sky. The story continues with three kings following this star, making a long journey to Jesus’ birthplace. On arrival they gave great gifts. The gifts were gold, frankincense (aromatic resin used in incense and perfumes), and oils.

Does Santa Do It All Alone?

Even though you may have heard that Santa Claus does everything by himself, he actually has significant help from tiny friends, the elf workers! The story says how these cheerful workers love what they do so much and enjoy helping children around the world.

Christmas Crackers

The ‘Christmas Cracker’ was begun by Tom Smith in London, following a visit to France. When in France, he loved their almonds wrapped in beautiful paper, the ‘bon bon’. Smith tried to recreate this in England using sweets and pretty quotes, but it failed. It was from this that he came up with the idea of pulling apart crackers that would have toys and sweets fall out. The idea was insanely popular and is a major item associated with Christmas. They are great fun and are a fun party item.

The Statue of Liberty

Everyone knows that a major factor of Christmas is the exchanging of gifts. Perhaps someone will craft a gift or purchase something thoughtful- or perhaps something discounted online! Whatever the case, it is a nice aspect of Christmas. Are you aware of the biggest present ever gifted though? That’s right, the Statue of Liberty! In 1886 France gifted Lady Liberty to the U.S as a Christmas gift to commemorate their alliance with the country during the American revolution.

What Do Bad Kids Get?

We are sure that most children have heard of Santa’s naughty or nice list, striving to ensure that they land on the nice side! So what do the back kids get from Santa? Legend says that Santa delivers lumps of coal to the bad kids! This was a tradition that began in Italy. This story encourages children to be well-behaved all year to ensure that they get an actual gift, rather than a nasty lump of coal.